CT CEP Funds for Federal Seats?

What is the federal equivalent in Connecticut of State CEP funds for candidates running for federal seats?

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None. There isn’t any.

Most of us are aware of the Citizen’s Election Program, which provides additional funds to those running for state offices – state representatives, state senators and the constitutional offices such as governor.

According to the most recent information from the 2020 CEP Guide, a state senator needs to raise $16,000 and 300 in-district signatures with some additional rules. That may qualify the candidate for a general election full grant if all is completed by the required deadline of $103,955.

The candidate needs to raise about 15.3% of the grant total to qualify. And the idea was to level the playing field so that all candidates are spending the same amount of money for a campaign.

In the federal elections in Connecticut, there is no state help for campaigns. Federal candidates are on their own. Whatever they are able to raise is what they can spend. Joe Courtney had cash on hand at the end of 2020 of $715,812.69. There is no question that incumbent Democrats have a significant base on which to build. However, the Republican principles and viable candidates who will fight for our voices still are the best solutions for Connecticut and our nation.

Please support your choice for federal races as soon as you can. The money is far more valuable earlier in the cycle, as more can be done to raise more funds. It is really important that Republicans, those who support Republican values and the U.S. Constitution, and RTCs understand how important it is to financially support an excellent candidate early in the cycle. And Thank You! Thank you for supporting our Republican candidates.